Trouble Swallowing

by Joann Highfield

For the past year I find that I am having trouble with choking while eating or drinking things. Nothing in particular, never happens on a regular basis, but when it does I cough and can not catch my breath.

The coughing gets so bad at times I throw up. While this is going on, I feel myself starting to panic, afraid I will not catch my breath.

Anyone out there in MS land going through this or have had this problem? Need your help, thanks.

Joann Highfield

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Mar 06, 2015
Videos About Swallowing
by: Akrista

Hi Joann,
I'm sorry that you are having that problem. I don't even have MS and that happens to me sometimes, too. It's very unnerving. Here are some videos to watch about it until a fellow MSer answers your question.

Take care,

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