Teri Garr's Children

by Richard Rowe
(Hamilton, Ontario)


How many children did Teri Garr have?


Hi Richard,

From what I can find out, Teri had one daughter, Molly. Teri was born December 11th, which is also my daughter's birthday. And she adopted her daughter, who was born in November of 1993, the same year my daughter was born - what a coincidence. But enough about me.

Teri Garr and John O'Neil were married in 1993 and adopted Molly in November of the same year. Here are a few pictures of Teri and Molly in 2003 at "QVC's Cure by the Shore" to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. (Link will open in a new window).

To quote Teri in an interview with Modern Mom Profiles when asked, What is your greatest achievement?

"My daughter, Molly O'Neil, is by far my greatest achievement!"

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