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Son with MS

by Anonymous

I have a son with MS. I truly believe that he is in denial about the disease as I am constantly struggling with him to take his daily injection. When I am not there, he will NOT take his injections. He has missed for months. When I ask why, he says that I will never understand. He says he doesn't feel any different when he takes them.

He has suffered from depression a few times already. As a mother, I am so afraid that if he doesn't take his medication now, the future will be bleak for him.

Can you please ask Montel what suggestions he has for me to try to cope with my son and try to make him see that taking his medication is important. I could really use some advice as a caregiver as this is hurting me just as much as him. I truly wish that he could talk or meet with Montel to make him see how important taking care of himself is.

Please help.

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Sep 10, 2010
Help for Mom Part 2
by: Anonymous

You asked about your son meeting Montel. Unfortunately again, we do not know him personally. We just wrote a few pages about him on our site. My husband is bald like him and has MS, but that is where the resemblance ends. I'm not sure how to get in touch with him, other than his websites - It's MontelWilliams.com - you may want to try there and contact them on their Contact Us page.

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I hope this helps to ease your mind and give you a few more things to try. If your son can find someone to talk to about his MS and the treatment he can try, then maybe he can take more responsibility for it. He is at an age when he should at least begin making some of the decisions about his treatments and therapies.

I know as a mother that is a hard thing to do especially when it may come down to his future quality of life. The best thing may be to ask him what he wants to do. If he wants to "take a break" from the injections, let him. It may be the best way to get him to eventually begin taking them again. If he begins having relapses as a result of not taking them, then he will see that they were doing some good. Sometimes we learn best the hard way. A few difficult relapses may help him to see that the injections do, in fact, help.

Eventually your son will need to begin making the decisions himself. This may be a good time to put the ball in his court. Step back a little, give him the options, and see how it goes. He may surprise you. As parents, we can only make suggestions and give advice when they ask for it. What they do with it is up to them. Making them feel guilty, doesn't help anything and may push them away.

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Again, I hope some of this helps you decide what to do. If you need anything else, be sure to contact us again. I will be using your question on our site anonymously and including the suggestions I have given. If you have a problem with this, please contact me and let me know.


Sep 10, 2010
Help for Mom Part 1
by: Anonymous

Hi ....,
First of all, I am so sorry to hear that your son has MS. My husband, Cir (he is not Montel by the way), also began to experience symptoms around that age - actually maybe as young as 15. The daily injections (I'm assuming they are Copaxone), are not designed to make him "feel better", only to make him have less relapses.

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My husband took Copaxone for several years then stopped because he didn't feel they made a difference. Getting "stuck" everyday didn't help much either. His neuro gave him the option of which medication to take. I'm not sure how helpful your son's neuro is, but it may be a good idea to talk to him and maybe suggest one of the other medications.

Unfortunately, some MSers cannot take the interferons - they just don't help and make them feel worse - not MS worse, just sick. And for my husband, the side effects didn't go away. For your son, maybe things would be difference, unless of course you all have already figured out that they won't work for him either. If not, they are worth a try.

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There are several other medications and alternatives that may help your son "feel better" or at least feel like they are doing some good. Try researching LDN or low-dose-naltrexone (we have a few pages about it on our site). Another thing that may make a difference if taken consistently, are vitamins. B 100 and D-3 are very good vitamins for MSers. We also talk about these on our site.

There are so many breakthroughs happening in regards to multiple sclerosis. Not sure if you heard about the CCSVI, and Stem Cell Research. Who knows, maybe one of those therapies will prove to be the actual cure for MS. You can read about them on our site as well. The future is getting brighter and I believe a cure is in site. Your son is young enough to be able to benefit from whatever cure or treatment comes within the next few years.

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