Sister Has MS

by Kathy
(Michigan - Sister is in Indiana)

My sister was diagnosed 8-9 yrs ago with RRMS. She has been in (the) hospital for 2 weeks in a confused state and will be sent home on MON., (4/11/11). Her doctor said there's nothing that can be done! Its from the MS. Is that true or should we take her for second opinion? She also isn't eating (other then sweets) or sleeping at all.

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Apr 12, 2011
Second Opinion
by: Akrista

Hi Kathy,
I would definitely get a second opinion, but confusion, or brain fog, is a symptom of MS. Another thing that may be compounding the problem is the sweets. Especially if they are processed and contain HFC (high fructose corn syrup) or aspartame.

Many preservatives and food additives can cause symptoms similar to those of MS. I would probably get her tested by an allergy doctor for food sensitivities. And if you can get her to at least eat fruit or sweets that are more healthy if that makes sense.

We are trying to eliminate sweets from our diet and it is really hard sometimes. We drink fruit or green smoothies to which we add green veggies (we own a Vita-mix), which helps take away that craving for sweets.

Try these suggestions and yes, I would still get a second opinion. And if you feel comfortable, have her see a holistic or natural doctor as well. Or check out this book - Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally - A Self Help Guide To Living With MS, by Judy Graham - for more suggestions that may help your sister.

Hope this helps. Take care,


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