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What are the signs of stress, now that you know what stress is? We talked about how MS is different for everyone. So it is with stress. Your signs will be unique to you.

There are both physical and emotional signs that let you know something is going on.

Physical signs

Physical changes happen to your body whenever you feel threatened. The following are some of the feelings you might have.

  • sweaty palms
  • mouth goes dry
  • pounding heart
  • queasy stomach
  • tension headache
  • feeling drained

Feeling drained may feel similar to feeling fatigue that is common to MS. The only way to tell the difference may be the other symptoms you feel at the same time. And also, if you know you've just had a stressful event, it's more likely due to stress.

Some of the above symptoms may also be the side-effects of some of your medications. So if you've recently added a new medication, check the information that came with them. You may find some that are similar to the items on the list above.

You may also find that your MS symptoms flare up. You may feel numbness and tingling, or blurred vision. When the event is over and you've calmed down, usually the MS symptoms will go away.

Emotional Signs of stress

Besides the physical signs, there are emotional signs as well. Your mind reacts to threats just as your body does. That only makes sense when you think about it. The following are some of the feelings you may experience during this time.

  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • feeling of pessimism
  • overwhelmed
  • sadness

Do you always feel that the worst is going to happen? Are you plagued with nightmares? Are you irritated by the littlest things? Do you feel sad or get angry for no apparent reason? Stress may be the problem.

Depression can also cause these same types of symptoms. But usually the symptoms of depression last longer than a few weeks. In this case, you should talk to your doctor to make sure. You don't want it to get worse. Depression is a manageable condition.

You also need to learn to identify your stresses. What causes you to go over the edge? What makes you feel like you are wound so tight that you are about to break? Follow the link to find out what your particular triggers are. 

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