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She is Beautiful

by Catherine Hill
(St Johns, Worcester, England, UK)

She is beautiful

She is beautiful,
My gentle, caring girl,
She comes out of her home,
And comes to sit next to me in my car,
Hat on, gloves on,
And coat to keep her aching body warm,
And I know that to make that small walk,
To have washed and dressed has cost her dear,
To have risen from her bed,
Taken time to get down the stairs.

Feeling like no one knows,
But still, she sits alone on her settee,
Biding the time,
Getting the energy reserves which are so low,
Who knows how she feels
As she tries to concentrate on moving forward,
Never backwards,
It will never get her to move backwards again.

She reaches for her makeup bag,
And slowly, carefully applies her lotions,
Creams and colours,
She doesn't need one bit of enhancement
On her beautiful face,
But it is part of her day
And she will not give up
One minute of her daily ritual

She checks her mental list,
Keys, purse,
Anything else she needs for our journey,
She rests, gains more of her energy,
Only she knows how she feels in this minute,
This hour, this day,
She hears me pull up in my car,
And she comes out to me,
To sit by me in my car,
Wrapped up warm,
And I look at this beautiful girl
And I am so glad that she is my daughter,
Mother of my beautiful grandaughter,
And wife of my wonderful son -in-law.

We have seen her suffer so much,
We have sat at her side for weeks
While she was on a life support machine,
We have seen her bed bound,
House bound and unable to do anything for herself,
But we have seen this beautiful girl
Fight back, walk again, drive again, work again, And be a mother, wife, daughter, sister,
And be,
The wonderful caring person
That she always has been.

She is beautiful,
She is my gentle, caring daughter,
And she has taught us all
The true meaning of hope.

Cath Hill
Copyright 8/2/2014

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Nov 07, 2015
You are the one that gave me the strength mom x
by: Michelle Harris

You gave me the strength mom. Knowing you & Harry were there, by my side, helping me to fight for my life. I nearly gave up but you both forbid me to do that. I heard you, Harry, Catherine, Craig, & Dad, crying, all for me?

I knew but didn't know. I was in a different world, floating around in the wilderness, wondering what was happening. Through all this, I could hear Mom. I could hear your voices
willing me on.

In March, I lost you Mom. You were on a life support machine, for only a matter of hours before you passed away. We raced back to the hospital but you had gone. What I wouldn't give to hear your voice again. I would take care of you, as much as I could, no matter what. You were breathtakingly beautiful Mom & my wish is to 'hear' you again.


Feb 12, 2014
thank YOU!
by: Helena

She is Beautiful, and you are too! Caregivers must feel that way. GRATEFUL!

Feb 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

This has tears flowing down my cheeks. I guess we only think we hide it, this dreadful mean MS.

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