Remission? Sure looks like it....

by Liz
(Guthrie, OK)

I have been taking LDN since June of 2010. In March of that year, I progressed from RRMS to SPMS. My ability to function in a normal world was declining. I had done a three day IV drip earlier in January, just before the upgrade to SPMS. Nothing seemed to be working.

Then, I found LDN. After finally getting a prescription for it, I wasn't very impressed. I read as much about LDN as I could, and realized that I needed a better compounding pharmacy. Had my doctor switch the pharmacy to a better known "LDN pharmacy". This was the solution. I made a rapid recovery.

Yes, I did have strange dreams at first, but the improvements were very noticeable in the daytime. I lost the nocturia and muscle spasms, and felt more in control of my thinking. I was able to keep my full time work.

My recovery has been amazing to those who know me best. My MS has always been "invisible", yet it is even moreso now. I have been out of the "flare" stage for about 2 years. I can't imagine my life without LDN now!

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