New Meds on the Horizon for MS!

by Jane D

A seemingly unlikely source--Chemical & Engineering News--has reported through Ivanhoe that we MSers may soon have a choice of a variety of meds!

They report there are 11 potential new drugs in the final stages of clinical trials which may soon be out on the shelves. Many of the new meds are pills rather than injectables. Most of the drugs ease the immune system damage to myelin, or in some way ease the already damaged nerves.

Randall T. Schapiro, director of the Schapiro Center for Multiple Sclerosis, Minneapolis was cautious in his statement about the new drugs. He said, "We have every reason to be excited about new medications, but just because it's oral doesn't mean that it's a smooth-acting, easy-to-take medication". He adds, all of the new drugs are potent, and clinical trials may show that the risks are not worth the benefits.

For the over 400,000 people with MS in the United States alone, I choose to believe we're close to finding something that will work for everyone with this devastating disease! 11 more options sounds good to me!

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