by Helena


You say
That in the London fog you lose your way.
That you will not go again
But you know nothing
of how lost I often feel,
in the darkness of my own ‘’brain fog’’.
You say
you are tired of running in gyms,
That great benefits you don’t see
But what would you say
To sweating and ever-moving
And still be just as before?
Since morning you say you feel tired
But you know not what stiffness is.
You say that you can’t go about in the streets
That the crowd out there is now too much
I tell you then that I, truly,
outdoors am unable to go
In streets to walk unable I am!

No matter what you say
No matter how well you understand me
I tell you: You over-exaggerate
Before me
I tell you
You are lucky
And you don’t even know it

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