MS Related Pain??

by D.

Question: I have been having pain in right lower abdomen since mid January, I have had all kinds of blood tests and scans to determine; but none can be found, all tests are normal. My Neurologist mentioned it might be MS related.

I'm currently dealing with a bladder issue and after I'm done with medicine in less than 2 weeks I'm supposed to call her if I still have pain. How would this pain be MS-related, where in spine would lesion possibly be?

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Mar 17, 2011
Abdomen Pain
by: Anonymous

Your lower abdomen pain - (Maybe you need to) check for Crohn's disease. I was first diagnosed with Crohn's and 10 years later MS. They suspect it is related.

Mar 22, 2011
MS Pain in Abdomen
by: Akrista

Hi D.,
I have searched for some answers to this question. It may be MS related (i.e. neuropathic pain - MS hug). That is one of the things I came up with - you can experience MS hug pain anywhere from as high as the chest to as low as the waist.

It is described as anything from sharp pain, dull pain, burning pain, tickling, tingling, or a crushing, constricting sensation, or an intense pressure around your middle. I'm not sure if this is the area where you are having pain, only you can say.

As the first poster suggested, you may have something like Crohn's disease. It is also an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the digestive system. You can experience pain anywhere from the mouth to the other end.

You can have inflammation all the way through, intermittently, or in just one spot. Maybe you could ask your doctor to test for that if he/she hasn't already.

Any of the symptoms, such as bladder or bowel problems, gait problems, drop foot, etc. can be the result of lesions on the spine. As to where they are on the spine, I do not know. I will keep looking for the answer for you though. Or perhaps someone else knows the answer.

May 05, 2011
by: Bill

I find that if you've got any problem the doctor can't explain they always blame it on the MS. I just wish the doctor (would) say I really don't know and make a note of it.

Yes, MS gives strange pains and feelings, but if they know it (is) MS-related, then they should know how to handle it better.

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