MS is Tolerable

by Cathy

How do I transition from a lifetime of abuse/neglect and being the willing caregiver to now needing help?

There is no answer for this. I just needed to let someone know...



Hi Cathy,

You're right there is no answer. And one of the best things to do in a situation like this is to have someone to talk to. By reaching out here, you've done that.

It would be even better if you had someone close to you or maybe a support group to share with. I think the one of the worst things to do is to keep it all inside, which I am also guilty of at times.

I've never been abused, but caregiving can be really tough sometimes. Watching someone you love go from an independent person to having to depend on me for even the smallest tasks.

Your situation - going from being a caregiver to now being the caregivee (don't think that's a word - but you get the idea), I can imagine must be very difficult.

Keep talking. Don't keep it inside. Release it and let it go. Even if you are talking to yourself in the mirror. Regularly get it out to someone. That will help to relieve some of the tension and stress that goes along with it.

Also, if you are unable to talk to someone at home or there's no support group near, try calling the National MS Society. They have peer counselors who can call you regularly to check on you. Or you can call them when you need them.

Hope this helps a little.
Take care,


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