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MS and Skin Disorders

by Anonymous

Question: Are there any examples of known skin disorders with MS?

Reply: Yes, there are a few skin disorders that are more the result of nerve symptoms associated with MS. If you have numbness, tingling, prickling, itching, or burning sensations, these will be felt through the skin.

Treatment for these symptoms is usually oral corticosteroids like Tegretol, Dilantin, Neurotin, Elavil and Atarax. These MS medications deal with inflammation of the nerves. Topical medicines that are rubbed onto your skin, such as for allergic reactions, don't really work. The problem is from the inside not the outside.

Other skin disorders, like pressure sores, could result from sitting in one position for long periods. When you are immobile or have mobility problems, you tend to sit more than you used to. If you can move enough to get up every once and awhile, this will help.

If you lie down a great deal, try moving every few minutes or have someone else move you so that you won't develop pressure sores.

Dry skin and rashes can also be a problem. After bathing, make sure you or your aide, dries you off completely and then apply moisturizer. If you can't reach all areas of your skin, get someone to help you. There are many items available to help you take care of your personal grooming.

An occupational therapist can help when things get a little harder to do as a result of your MS symptoms. Go through the catalogs that are available to see what would help you to stay independent, but get the job done.

Another possible skin problem may stem from the injection treatments you take for your MS. Many times, injection site reactions can cause lumps, bruises, and tender areas to the skin. These can last from a few hours to a few days. In this case, a topical treatment might be in order. Ice packs, heat, or sometimes and ointment like vitamin E can help.

If you know of any other specific skin disorders directly related to MS, please share them in the comments below.

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Jan 26, 2012
skin and sensitivity
by: Megan

I have MS and it hurts to have the air move over exposed skin. It hurts when I am touched, sometimes my clothes hurt my skin. Cold air is like razor blades scraping my skin and then millions of sharp small needles piercing my skin.

When I get cold I feel like my body was put in a blender with glass then taken out and with heavy cling wrap, wrapped back tightly together with one of those knight suits. The weight of the suit and the pain of the glass is so painful at times I cant hug my children.

It hurts to sit, stand, breath, or just live. But life goes on and when faced with the uphill battles I, one rely on God to comfort me and two, medicate just enough to function but stay "alive" (not a veg).

Does anyone else have this sensitivity?

Mar 10, 2022
MS rash
by: Anonymous

I have a bad rash all over my body. It's horrible. I have had MS for a long time. This is driving me nuts!

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