Meeting Needs

by Debbi

MS entered my life bout 22 years ago. My son is a student majoring in product design and is interested in working on a project that would benefit individuals with MS, as he has watched me struggle with many things throughout his life. He would like to work on a project for school that could benefit people with MS.

Could we post questions to help him select a project to develop. His goal is to meet a need that people with MS do not feel id being met. This may be a product that doesn't exist yet or one that can be improved.

Questions he would like to post are:

Considering these and any other MS symptoms which may have an impact on your life, please respond to the questions which follow.
• Vision
• Mobility
• Spasticity (leg stiffness)
• Temperature (heat/ cold)
• Energy/Fatigue
• Bladder/Bowel
• Other

1. Think of a typical day in your life; what activities do you have difficulty with because of your MS?

2. What activities would you have difficulty with on
a. a snowy/icy day?
b. a hot/humid day?

c. a rainy day?

3. What products treatments, diet do you use to make the difficulties easier? 
4. What products do you wish were available to make the difficulties easier?

5. Other comments:

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