"I Fall"

by Marianne
(Washington DC)

I Fall
One neurologist said it's M.S.
A specialist said nope; it was when you were rear-ended.
It doesn't matter, though, does it?
Because I fall.

I was the girl who did backflips on a balance beam
Cutaways off the high dive
Gracefully climbed the Appalachian mountains
and basked in the beauty of the Himalayan peaks
But now, I fall.

And the tears flow
As I lay in a mangled mess
on the stairs
trying to figure out how to get up

And the tears flow
As I lay in a mangled mess
at the park
My dog running ahead, my hand dropping the leash

And the tears flow
as I fall

I practice yoga
I listen to my PT
I take my baclofen and gabapentin
and someday
I will not fall.

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