Hoping Help

by Holly

Hoping Help - A Charity Organization for helping those with MS deal with this disease.


Because my father has MS and we have lived and seen firsthand how hard life can be. My sister Cassie and I have recently started a charity called Hoping Help at www.HopingHelp.com that is focused on not only helping individuals, but families as well. For people that have no hope. Because we are not the only ones that are suffering, we know that there are a lot of people and family’s in the US that are in need of help too.

My sister and I have started this charity organization because we don’t believe that people should ever get to a point in their life were they feel so hopeless that they take their own life.

Now if only 1/3rd of the people in the US gave $5.00 a month to this cause it would come to over $518 million dollars a month and
over $6 billion dollars a year.

We ask people to help others by making a donation to www.HopingHelp.com. We work very hard to try and help our father and others to continue to be able to go on living. Because there is a big difference between being alive and living. We appreciate whatever support that people can provide.

To read more about us we have shared our story here.

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