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by Justin
(Pleasant Hill, CA)

We've just purchased your book("Gold Coast Diet") and are changing our eating habits to become more healthy. My wife has celiac disease and most "whole grain" products contain wheat. Any recommendations for wheat-free foods? Also, is "Sugar-free Jello" OK for a dessert?

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Apr 23, 2011
Gluten-Free Food List
by: Akrista

Hi Justin,
Does your wife also have MS? It's great that you are choosing a more healthy way of eating. Most people would benefit from making this choice whether they were sick or not.

I have yet to write a page about eating gluten-free diet for MSers, but searched to see if I could find out about Jello. What I found was that it was safe to eat about 10 years ago according to the people in a gluten-free forum.

People who have tried eating Jello recently, have gotten sick from eating it. Not sure if this is from being made alongside gluten containing products or from other ingredients which didn't agree with the person who ate it.

Someone in the forum did say that if Kraft has a product that is gluten-free, it will be clearly labeled on the package. I suggest that you begin reading labels of the products you would like to eat to see if they are labeled as free from gluten.

Most stores now have a section dedicated to these products or products in each aisle labeled as gluten-free. I also found a page that has a long list of foods that are safe to eat for someone with celiac disease. This link will take you to their site (opens a new window). The list also contains other lists for things like ice cream, fast food, and a few grocery chain lists. So check it out.

Let me know if this helps. In the meanwhile, I will keep looking to see if Jello or Sugar-free Jello is gluten-free.

Take care and I wish you and your wife a healthy journey free of gluten.


Dec 29, 2014
Update - AIP (Autoimmune Protocol)
by: Akrista

Update - AIP for Autoimmune Disease Sufferers

If you haven’t already, you may want to look into this diet - AIP - which is geared to anyone with an autoimmune disease. Many people have found relief from symptoms they’ve had for years. It’s a specialized version of the popular Paleo diet which is helping people get healthy and loose weight in the process.

It eliminates not only gluten, but legumes, all processed foods, and advocates eating clean, grass-fed, humanely raised meats, free-range poultry, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds. Basically all whole foods are fair game.
Take care,

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