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Info for Annette

by Debbie Smith
(White House, TN )

I think about her so much. When the doctors found the white spots on my MRI at first they thought I had MS too. But I later found out I had lyme disease which can have MS symptoms. I have been on antibiotics for years and I am doing so much better. I know she must have great doctors but I pray that they have considered lyme disease as a source for her MS. Antibiotics could help if that's the case. My prayers to her and her family.

Debbie Smith

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Hope Annette is Alright

by Betty Anne
(Norfolk V.A.)

Hi, this is Betty Anne. I hope Annette Funicello doesn't die. Do you know how Annette is doing right now?


We haven't heard anything about Annette passing away. The last thing I read (in a tabloid magazine), was that she wasn't doing very well. MS is a progressive disease in that the person with multiple sclerosis will get progressively worse as time goes on.

All of this depends on the particular course that their MS has taken. Also, the rate of decline has to do with the type of MS they have as well. Unfortunately, with Secondary-Progressive and Primary-Progressive, the person is continuously progressing with each exacerbation.

In the remitting types - Relapsing-Remitting and Progressive-Relapsing, the progression of the disease may be slower (especially in Relapsing-Remitting). In Progressive-Relapsing, the person may have an exacerbation, but they may get a little better with each episode.

The thing we all need to understand is that, Annette has lead a long life, surrounded by family and friends who love her and support her. They make her quality of life better. She is very blessed to have them in her life.

She is a very beautiful person and has always lived her life hoping that a cure for MS would come soon. I don't think she regrets a moment of her life - even now.

I am grateful for every moment that my husband has and as long as I have him with me, it is a good day. With all the research going on, from all the different places, someone should come up with something soon that will make the lives of those living with MS easier and hopefully be a cure for those who have yet to be diagnosed.

Thank you, Annette, for giving us hope and inspiration for all these years.


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Long Time Fan

by Dennis Szczepanski
(Gobles, MI)

Thank You, So sweet, so pretty and
a terrific inspiration to everyone.

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Annette, you are loved!

by Nancy

Annette, you are a childhood icon, for many of us baby boomers. God speed, and positive thoughts and prayers go out to you, and your loved ones. Your works and accomplishments will forever bring the child out in me, I love you for that!

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Annette's husband

by Sue

Why does her stupid husband keep her hidden.
Has she had a very sad life with him because he seems to rule her life and she says nothing. I even noticed on the web when her parents died he wanted no communications.

It was none of his business if people bothered to send cards etc. I thought him rude.

REPLY: Hi Sue,
I don't know very much about her husband, Glen Holt. I did run across an update back in 2006 by a woman named Delores.

    "Annette is under 24 hour care. She is in constant pain due to advanced MS. She has little vision left. She can't do the smallest endeavor to care for herself. Her husand (Glen Holt) is responsible for supervising her care. Things are not well for Annette. Please pray for her."

I believe you may have posted this question on the same site - Topix.

And you, as well as other Annette followers, may know about a website where you can possibly find more recent updates about her. The site is a Yahoo group - Beautiful Annette Funicello - (this link opens a new window and you need to be approved before you can join).

Another site - also a Yahoo group - Vince Smith Group - (this link opens a new window and I'm not sure if you need to be approved before you can join). He was one of the people who started the website Beautiful Annette. He also has MS and his website is updated by his wife, Lorraine.

I'm not sure how much contact they have with Annette, but they do have an address you can write them:

You can write Vince at:

Process Talent Mgmt.

439 Wiley Ave.,

Franklin, Pa. 16323

Not sure how much that will help, but it may be worth a try. Or at least join one of the groups to see what information is available.

As far as having a "sad" life, I'm not sure how much I agree with that. Cir, my husband has MS as you know by this website about us. Although he is not as severely disabled as Annette, there are times when his MS is really bad. During those times, I usually take over in the sense of monitoring calls and things like that.

He is not "famous" by any means, but he has many friends. And his family also worries about him. I update close family and friends when I need to, until he is able to make and receive calls on his own. Also at those times, I am so totally focused on his needs that it takes awhile for me to make calls. Cir's needs are my priority.

If Annette is in the kind of pain, and so severely disabled (blind, unable to move or communicate very well) that she needs "24 hour" care, she is probably not in any condition to respond or tell anyone how to respond. I know from the page that I did about her, she seemed to be a very private person in her own right.

I don't believe (although I can't verify this either) that she is being controlled. I just believe that she is a very sick lady. The people closest to her are keeping her as comfortable as possible.

I am sure when they receive cards and other correspondence, they share what they can with her. The sheer volume of Annette's fans probably makes it impossible to respond except on a limited basis.

I agree it would be nice to know how she is doing. I often wonder about this myself. An update by someone close to her would help remove the doubts and fears that she is possibly not being treated well (which I doubt that she is).

I hope that, should my husband become as disabled as she is, that I will be as attentive to his needs as her loved ones are to her. I also hope that there will be others around me that will help me to keep his friends and family informed.

Sue, hopefully soon we will be able to find out how Annette is doing. Her struggle with MS has inspired many people. Thanks for your comment. If you decide to join one of the groups mentioned earlier, and find a more recent post about her, please don't hesitate to come back and leave another comment.


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We Love You Annette!

by Kathleen Ford
(Darby, PA)

My best wishes go to her family, who is helping her deal with MS. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Love you, Annette!


Hi Kathleen,
I'm sure Annette and her family appreciate your good wishes and thoughts. I also appreciate your contribution to this page and hope that you will continue to visit Life in Spite of MS.


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