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Challenges of Love: Book 1

A Contemporary Romance Novella

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In Challenges of Love, Book 1 of The Challenges Trilogy, Indie author, Christine Dannyls, tells the story of Bruce and Thea.

Before we go any further, can you answer the following three questions for me?

1 - Are you into Romances, the more hot and spicy the better?

2 – As a person who lives with challenges or disability, do you ever wish there were more hero/heroine's you could relate to?

3 - Do you like reading ebooks on your Kindle, PC, or other eReader?

If you answered yes, to all three questions, then the following book may be for you.

In Challenges of Love: A Contemporary Romance Novella, Indie author Christine Dannyls, tells the story of Bruce and Thea, two people who struggle with challenges that have become roadblocks to experiencing true love.

Have you ever wanted to read a fiction book with a character who faced the same challenges as you? When you have MS, that can be a daunting search. And when you happen to find a book like this, in some ways, you want the character to go through every challenge you face everyday. At other times, though, just knowing that the character has MS, is enough.

I'm sure you've probably met someone who has multiple sclerosis, yet when you look at them, their symptoms are invisible. They can walk without the use of a mobility aide. For the most part everything is just as it should be for someone who doesn't have the condition.

The character in Challenges of Love, is like that. He is true to the romance genre, in that he is handsome, strong, confident, and wealthy. That's a given. Yet he also has MS. And although he has been diagnosed for ten years, however, he is still walking and still working. He also does certain things to manage the “invisible” symptoms he does experience.

He is on one of the new oral MS therapies, and he works closely with specialists to help manage the symptoms. He feels he has been lucky so far in dodging the MS bullet of disability. He does still deal with the uncertainties that a future with MS can hold.

If you like hot, steamy romance stories, then you will enjoy this ebook. If you don't own a Kindle, ereader, or other smartphone, you can still read Challenges of Love on your PC or laptop after downloading a Kindle App. Mind you, this is for mature audiences only, so if you aren't over 18, or don't enjoy reading steamy love scenes, then this ebook is not for you. If you do go for that sort of thing, buy a copy on Amazon for yourself and then buy one for a friend.

You can also share the link with others so that they can read it as well. Another way to share it is by lending it through Amazon's Lending feature. Your friend or family member will be able to read it for 2 weeks, after which time it will be returned to you, for lending again. (Or you can read Challenges of Love again. We won't tell. ;^)

Description for Challenges of Love: A Contemporary Romance Novella.

Bruce Powell and Thea Richardson have lived most of their lives dealing with difficult challenges. Both have come to a place where they have accepted their circumstances and resigned themselves to living alone.

When they literally bump into each other and fall in love, will they be able to tear down the walls they’ve built around their hearts and stop feeling sorry for themselves long enough to let one another in?

Thea, an advocate at the local center for the blind, on the outside, looks as though she has everything together. The mere thought of having a relationship, brings up a painful past that she has suppressed in order to maintain her well-ordered life.

Bruce was betrayed once. Why should he risk everything to try having a relationship with someone who already lives with a challenge just as he does? If the woman he thought he loved in the past couldn't handle being with him, what makes him think this time will be any different?

Will their undeniable attraction be the one thing that can help them get back on the path to find love, or will their challenges and their pasts prove to be too much to overcome? What does this life have in store for them?

Find out in Challenges of Love. Share the journey with two people you count as friends.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

Book 1 of The Challenges Trilogy. 36,000 word (approx.) Novella with HEA.

Also includes: Bonus excerpt of the trilogy, Challenges of Hope, Book 2.

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Get Challenges of Love: Book 1

You can read a brief excerpt by going to the Facebook Page – The Challenges Trilogy, and go to the About section. (And while your there, go ahead and click the Like button.) Or if you'd like to just go straight to Amazon and purchase your copyor click on the Amazon image link below.

The author, Christine Dannyls, will appreciate your positive and helpful reviews. As a new Indie author, she would love to receive honest feedback about her work, so that future volumes in the series will be even better.

We hope you will enjoy Challenges of Love, Book 1, by Christine Dannyls and will recommend it to others who you know will enjoy it as well.

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