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Be Darned if Anyone Knows

by Be darned if anybody knows
(Toronto, Canada)

I had severe dizziness and double vision. Hospitalized for 12 days Ct and CT Angiogram showed nothing. Dizziness went away but blurred vision in right eye comes and goes. It's like looking through a grey sheer in the right eye and almost all of my eyesight disappears.

Lately I have had difficulty seeing from both eyes. Then it clears up, not a 100% but almost. All the neurologist says is I don't know. Don't think its inner ear because of the eye problem. I became very dizzy again a week ago.

Now I have to see the neurologist again. What do I say? Could it be MS? No one else thinks so, maybe because they like me and know me and can't see it happening to me.

I was always tired in the past, loved to sleep. Then came insomnia. Improving now.

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Dec 06, 2011
Maybe Optic Neuritis
by: Akrista

Hi there,
Your initial symptoms sound a whole lot like "optic neuritis". Many people who eventually end up developing MS, have this early warning sign of multiple sclerosis.

It doesn't always mean that you have MS, though. That's why it's very good that you will be seeing a neurologist. A neurologist can do the tests which target the specific nerves that are damaged when someone has MS.

He or she will be able to tell you for certain if you have MS or something else. Although no one wants to be given a diagnosis of something like multiple sclerosis, it's better to know than to not know.

At least then, you can begin treatment, whether with traditional or alternative treatments. Knowing sooner rather than later can also eliminate some of the stress that inevitably comes along with a diagnosis like this.

When you go to the neurologist, tell them everything you can think of. Tell them your concerns. They will at least be able to rule it out, if it's not MS.

Take care and hope this helps,

Dec 06, 2011
be darned if anyone knows #2
by: Anonymous

Yes, I agree not knowing is what bothers me most. I can live with what ails me. I would be very upset if something serious occurs that could be prevented or treated earlier.

Someone told me MS occurs in younger people. I am 68 years old. Could my age possibly rule out MS. I know I was always exhausted but I worked long hours since age 15 and I was a very anxious person.

I really appreciate your input and I will ask my neurologist as soon as I see him.

Dec 06, 2011
Too Familiar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Robert Thompson

I know this story by heart. I LIVED IT!!! When the monkey first manifested himself in me, I thought, "Whats wrong with me?"

I have a friend going through this right now, its heartbreaking. But we will KEEP FIGHTING 'TILL THE MONKEY IS CAGED. Like Daddy used to say, "Never lay down. Don't make it easy for ANY OPPONENT!!!"

Others have shared that same wisdom with me. We have to fight, or become statistic! Well written, and haunting! Thanks for writing this!

Dec 08, 2011
Very Appreciative
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Mr Thompson, for your empathy. I feel so stupid sometimes going to doctors. You both made me feel much better. I am seeing the eye doctor Sat and My family Dr as well. If they can't come up with anything, I might go to emergency at a different hospital from the one I was in. They apparently are the hospital for MS and Parkinsons.

Dec 17, 2011
Got a Diagnosis
by: Anonymous

I finally got a diagnosis of my difficulties. About 5 years ago I had cataracts removed. The replacement lens is placed in a small pocket in the eye. A membrane is forming in my eye(s) causing my vision to come and go.

This can easily be remedied with laser treatment which I will probably get in the New Year. I will still be seeing the neurologist in January. Optic neuritis has been ruled out.

Thank you so much for your assistance. I feel so relieved.

Mar 15, 2013
Visual Evoked Response test
by: Casey

Before my doctor clarified for certain that it was MS, I was sent for the usual tests of course of MRI's X-Rays, Spinal Tap - but to ensure that my eyes had not been affected by the MS I was not only sent to the eye Dr, but I had a VER (Visual Evoked Response Test completed.

Thank God my eyes were not effected. But I hear this is an important test - I would Recommend you as my patient (if I were a Dr.) to get this test completed as well - that is, if you have not yet had it done. I am glad that you have been given answers to much needed questions.

Good Luck!

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