As For Tomorrow I Cannot Say

by Diana Neutze

As For Tomorrow I Cannot Say, 33 Years With Multiple Sclerosis is a very inspirational book by Diana Neutze. 

After reading Diana's poems, I was able to see multiple sclerosis from a totally new perspective. Diana has had MS now for over 40 years. Her book was written a little more than 10 years ago.

I love the words from the back cover:

as for tomorrow, I cannot say
    “I have written this, more than 40,000 words, with one finger in just over a month. It has flowed out of me so fast, I can only conclude that I needed to tell my story.”

As for Tomorrow - a tribute...

New Zealander, Diana Neutze, was in her late 20s, living in London with her husband and young son, when she discovered that she had multiple sclerosis. More than three decades later, wheelchair-bound and largely confined to her Christchurch home, she has told her remarkable story. Fiercely independent and passionately determined, she has fought the illness with every psychological and spiritual weapon in her armory. Unflinchingly honest, deeply moving, often humorous, As For Tomorrow, I Cannot Say, is a tribute to the power of the human spirit.

If you have had MS for many years, you tend to look at MS in a different light as the years go by. If you would like to read her poems, go to our Poems About MS.

And here is a sneak peak, a poem called:

Life Sentence

Like the dog chained
to the chariot wheel
I have no choice.
It makes no difference
whether I am dragged
claws screaming and scraping,
or whether I trot docilely;
I travel the same distance.
The trick is to consent,
to act as if I have chosen
this particular journey. 

Therein lies the transformation
of my inner landscape.
Falling precipitous cliffs
Become smiling meadows;
claustrophobic sycamores
no longer invade my space
but shelter, gently,
a skirmish of sparrows.

Copyright by Diana Neutze

Many others have read her book and also loved it.

Katie Johnson - (clicking link will open a new window)

"What a wonderful spirit Diana Neutze has. Everytime I feel down about my own struggles with MS I re-read her positive, uplifting little book. She's got a fighting spirit and is full of life; she just rubs off on you."

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