Another Free Memory Test to Check Out

by Jane D.

Not Everything is as it Seems

Not Everything is as it Seems

Hello--I have another "goodie" to share. It's a short memory screen which helps us keep track of how we are doing in our cognition, or the ability to think. It's definitely an interest of mine as I approach my 37th year with MS. It's usually pretty vile with those hidden symptoms, and I like to monitor my cognitive skills from time to time. I may need to increase my problem solving skill time daily, my crossword puzzles or word games!

Here's the link. You may take it free any number of times, but of course that would have to void the results if you're keeping track (and you can as to your improvement.) I'm sure the quiz itself, and following the directions, is some valuable exercise for our brains. Remember--this is private and you don't have to share your results with anyone. The University of Florida Department of Neurology has made a wonderful service available to web users! {Note-make your print smaller if your screen is too big.}

Watch for many more fun and informative things at Jane's Place in later days and weeks!

Here it is....and good luck!

Memory - Cognitive Test

(clicking the link will open another window)


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