Angel C

by Angel C.
(Jeffersonville, IN USA)

Thank you SOOOO much for this article! I was diagnosed with MS about yrs ago. I find myself trying to explain to my family that I am having what I have referred to as "a bad brain day".

You can only imagine the looks I have gotten for that! The response from the look on their faces is "yeah right! if you don't want to do it, just say so!"

Trying to explain it on those days made it even worse! LOL

It is so nice to know that I am not the only one experiencing this & that I haven't lost all of my marbles yet! LOL

GOD bless you & yours for this wonderful site! I wish you both the very best that life can offer!

Angel C.

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Nov 01, 2011
I Can Relate!
by: Stacy

YES! I can SO relate! I get so tired of feeling like I'm giving "excuses" for everything I don't do...

And for everything that MIGHT be M.S. related -- I feel like a whine-bag if I mention M.S. --

But all these "feelings" I have, are just that: feelings. My husband and family are wonderfully understanding and supportive.

I just hate being "that" person that may or not show up/may or may not get "it" done/may have to cancel at the last minute, etc...

My problems currently seem to be COGNITIVE - if anything even appears to require complex thinking & planning -- my short-term memory disappears, and I basically have to shut down and re-boot later. Believe me, I AM BLESSED - and I KNOW GOD HAS ALLOWED ME TO HAVE M.S. FOR A REASON! (I'll ask Him when I meet Him :) )...

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