You Understand!

by Jax

Hello Cir & Akrista,

I stumbled onto your site today & cried. I was diagnosed with MS 22 yrs. ago, I’ve been on drug therapy for 15 years, I’m seen at one of the leading hospitals in California for managing MS, I have a strong support system…. But no one & nothing has put into words what I feel until I found your site.

Recently, I’m having problems with my knees ~ Weakness, buckling, stiffness. My ability to walk or stand more than a few minutes is a new problem. I have explained this to my doctor, physical therapist & anyone who will listen but I’m never given validation (?) for this new development. Until I read something on this site.

I’m not new to MS or its unpredictability, the random & sudden changes in my ability is almost second nature after all these years. I’ve read lots of books, seen hundreds of web-sites, get magazines about MS but this is the first time that I can say “You understand & that’s how I feel”

Thank you ~ I will be a frequent visitor.

(No, Cir and Akrista), I do not mind if you add my comment to your site.

I was just going to sit & search the site when your email came in. As I mentioned, for a person living with MS I have great support & I'm cared for by a leading MS doctor at Stanford. But MS is never something that I can control or understand. Out of frustration this morning I typed in the words "WEAK KNEES AND MS" & one of your articles came up.

Cir describes it as a feeling of heaviness. He is not able to lift his leg from the hip and very rarely from the knee.

I felt for the first time someone understood! I always say my legs are heavy or feel like tree trunks ~ Usually this is met with blank stares. I would never wish this feeling on anyone but that short statement let me know I’m not alone.

Reading about how Cir felt - self-conscience using a cane, Foot Drop, therapist comments … I devoured that article!! Skimming your site I was excited & have looked forward to this evening when I can sit & explore without interruption.

Peace ~ Jax

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