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by Patrick McCormick
(Everett Wa.)

The following testimonals, arranged chronologically, are from a customer who is being treated locally by the U.W. Medical Center for Multiple Sclerosis.

To: Coenzyme-A Technologies
From: Sven Couch
The Master Coenzyme
Date: Feburay 26, 2000
I currently take four Coenzyme A tablets per day as supplement to treat my Multiple Sclerosis; two one hour before breakfast, then dinner. Despite irrelevant troubles with my Betaseron injection site reactions, I note my leg strength improved, my walk's stability improved, and my leg muscle aches diminished. I anticipate increased benefit with Cellular Energy Production, Fatty Acid Metabolism, Adrenal & Sex Hormone Production, Formation of Healthy Cartilage and Connective Tissue, and Strengthening of my Immune System through Healthy Blood Cell Development.

10/15/99 I recently received a compliment for the health of my skin color. I went one morning without Coenzyme A and my legs ached a sharp ache. I take note of the Fatty Acid Metabolism and know the Coenzyme A tablets, four per day, assist this positive production; I feel stronger, more stable, on a regular, daily, Coenzyme A fix.

01/18/00 My legs are stronger and ache less. Coenzyme A appears to offer a stabilizing asset directly opposite the debilitating, deconstructing, disease activity, of MS. A dependence is growing.

02/26/00 I worked a full time job, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., the months of December, January, and half of February. I maintained my strength for the entire day and worked the five day week, Monday to Friday. I also slept well at this time starting, always, no later than 10 p.m. to rise-up at 5:30 a.m. The buzzing sensation I previously suffered upon my back and legs also disappeared at this time, since taking Coenzyme A.

To: Nick Skouras
From: Sven Couch, Seattle
Date: 7/15/00
Cc: Coenzyme-A Tech, Inc.
I ran, jogged, during the autumn of my first year in law school and developed a symptom, double vision, both incurable and constant.

Diagnosed on October 5, 1989, the Multiple Sclerosis I carry has traveled my system, completely. In the following three academic years I experienced perpetual bouts of disturbed vision, fatigue, weakness, bowl & bladder dis- function, insomnia, depression, and ataxia. At that time, medications provided little reprieve; I took amitriptyline for emotional incontinence, amantadine for fatigue, Prozac for depression, and dibenzyline for urinary hesitancy. Drugs couldn't stop the symptoms; however, they did provide a small sample of relief.

I did take, every six months my final two years, the IV steroid medication, Methylprednisolone. This provided enough recovery to permit my successful completion of school. However, visual exacerbations, typically, took three weeks to remit; fatigue came with the rigorous graduate school schedule and let up only with vacations, at which time I would sleep, nap, and rest the full day; my inability to walk to school (half mile) made for evidence of weakness beyond the functional; my bowl/bladder releases at the most public and inappropriate moments inhibited my professional pursuits; after battling disease progression a full day, I would typically lie, awake, in bed for hours unable to sleep (despite sleeping through reading assignments and class); the ataxia crippled my coordination to walk (I started using a cane), and write with a pen, or type assignments. I graduated one month late of three years and committed myself to living with MS and staying out of a wheel chair.

I came west November of 1992 and saw Dr. James Bowen, Neurologist, at the University of Washington; he monitored my non- medicinal approach to a stable recovery. I have since curbed my drug in- take to amitriptyline, melatonin, and Betaseron. Nick Skouras introduced me to the natural supplements, which included: B-100 caps, C-1000 caps, Super
Cal-Mag, Omega Twin flax seed oil cut with borage oil, Valerian East Indian Root, Mega-GLA 300 Borage Oil, the Green Multi Vitamin, and Coenzyme-A.

The last and most recent dietary supplement, Coenzyme-A, was introduced by Nick Skouras ten months ago. I take one 900-mg. capsule three times a day, thirty minutes before meals. It provides a strength to walk strong and long; I recently walked around Green Lake (2.8 miles); the muscular aches so evident in law school or lying in bed, have diminished to an arbitrary and dull reminder; my sleep has for the first time settled into a nocturnal bliss; and, my stamina currently hosts the forty hour work week.

Today I use no devices to walk. I wake mornings at 5:30 a.m. and work from 7 to 4. I started a non-dairy, non red meat, non-wheat, and Zone diet using soy milk, fish, chicken, bran flakes, rice, tofu, and Green tea or espresso.

To: Nick Skouras
From: Sven Couch
Date: 6/10/00
RE: Co-Enzyme A
I took a 2.8 mile walk last weekend with a friend (BF) with Multiple Sclerosis (MS); we walked around Greenlake in Seattle, WA. It took us three hours (she remembered running it daily in college in 22 minutes). I walked her slowed pace with frequent stops to rest although I felt strong enough to finish much faster. I felt strong, I was strong. I take special note recognizing the frequent "buzzing vibration" sensation of my legs with any physical exertion has since abated with Co-Enzyme A. During this threehour walk my legs never buzzed.

My 6.2 to 7.2 hours working five days a week has further tested and trained my diseased torso, but taking "Co-Enzyme A" three times a day, thirty minutes before meals has assisted the recovery of my strength and endurance.

To: Nick Skouras
From: Sven Couch
Date: 5/13/01
Re: Co-Enzyme A
In early April I missed two days of Co-Enzyme A between re-fills. I noted, at first, my balance and stability on my feet was reduced. As is typical, weakness followed and the entire walk became a challenge.

Both strength and stability were unproved, quickly, once the Co-Enzyme A started, again.
Nick, I thank you and the people at Co-Enzyme A Technologies for discovering and providing what makes a significant difference to my diseased, illness.p

To: Nick Skouras
From: Sven Couch
Date: 4/24/03
RE; Co-enzyme A Update
I saw my neurologist, James Bowen, April I at 9a. m. At that time I reported average status.
I had one exacerbation yesterday making my ambulatory function stale and flawed; yesterday was my first day in over twelve months without Co-enzyme A. My body weight, 185 lbs., is average the past thirteen years; muscle strength and agility to walk, currently, are estimated 75% their healthy status; sleep is without flaw and fatigue is controlled. I thank you for, Co-enzyme A, what I consider a true benefit battling the medical enigma, MS.

To: Nick Skouras
From: Sven Couch
Date: 10/01/03
Re: Co-Enzyme A
I was without Co-enzyme A last weekend, yet went to the Huskies football beating of Stanford. I lasted watching the game in a sun filled, heated stadium, but 8 minutes of the first quarter and left the stands for the sheltered tunnel entrance. I lost all balance and strength, and watched the game's remainder on the stadium tv screen seated in the shade. It was a severe case of ataxia (loss of muscular control). I received your product Monday morning and noted, immediately, increased strength beyond my natural recovery from Saturday. Co-enzyme A increased my legs muscular control and strength. I noted this improvement, immediately.
Thank you,

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