where is the support????


Hello, my name is Kimberly Smith.

I am an African American living in Oakland, California since 1966. I have been suffering with MS for 14 yrs and not doing well. In April 2010 I got this life changing news, but was so relieved I could finally put a name to this debilitating disease and hearing Montel speak on Oprah Winfrey I ran to the computer to check out his foundation and to date I can't get in. I couldn't access it, so here I was all alone. I thought he may just be busy..., well that was in April - this is Dec.

After finding others who also have MS and trying to contact this site, I realized I needed to be the voice of these people who are no longer strong enough. I want to reach him so bad to help him help us.

It's nice he advertised this wonderful blender that so many, including myself can afford even with payments:( And he wrote a book I can and others wait for at the library:( He advertised a money loan that takes money to get money:( He says and I can quote, with back up from the (National) MS Society, does not have accurate numbers on MS, but when I needed them (the NMSS) they where there.:)

Then to top it off, he came to Oakland - yayyy:) But not to speak to minorities with MS or to donate Blenders to U.C.S.F. NO!!! He came to speak to our city officials for the second time to ask for a permit to grow cannabis, why??? (tears)

I have been given a venue to hold a fundraiser for MS AWARNESS and everyone asks, "Where is Montel? I just want him to understand he represents all of us suffering with this debilitating disease and we are tired of him getting profit and us, as a whole, still suffering:(

I would love to speak to the man I considered the spokesman for this disease, but now I can't watch T.V cause when I see his face I cry.:( WHY MONTEL.

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Apr 29, 2011
I Hear You
by: Anonymous

Hey, not just Montel. Where is the research funding, like alot of other diseases get? Where is the public awareness? And, where, oh where, did my "friends" go when I told them I have MS?

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