by Carolyn
(Victory Gardens, NJ, USA)

Dear Mr. Montel Williams,

I loved your talk show and the work you have done and are doing, and applaud the courage it took to be on Oprah defending medicinal marijuana. I myself utilize weed for relief of symptoms that cause me to take multiple medications. The awareness you brought to this issue alone, will make more people realize that it is necessary for those who wish to have an option; an alternative to taking multiple medications to find relief.

My letter is to let you know you are not alone, and to tell you that the "blunts" currently fashioned for smoking cannabis, especially in minority communities (cigar paper in all types, flavors & sizes--making someone else rich) is what is hazardous to our people, not the cannabis itself. The alternative to 'smoking paper' is to VAPORIZE.

This method gives you only the best, most potent components of the cannabis. Its more feasible in many ways; pays for itself (paper vs vapor); uses less weed (approx. 8 vapor-sized scoops--one at a time of course--is equal to just one do the numbers). You can research it online; my personal favorite is the travel unit by Vapir.

Not plugging them, but its a quality product, it also weans you off of the 'paper'; its much smoother tasting and doesn't leave that awful odor because its not smoke but vapors which is also healthier!!

I felt for you during that Oprah show and hoped that you at least knew about vaporizing...peace, love & blessings...,

Carol from New Jersey

PS, my partner loved the product so much he became an affiliate for the company. His website is information...check it out!

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