This was so much help to me!!!

by Marilyn Rau
(Bryan,Oh Williams Cnty)

I have a daughter with MS - she was diagnosed when she just turned 30 - and she is now 40. She has a very positive attitude like Annette. I am very thankful for that. I wish there were some way that I could write to Annette and tell her how much reading about her has helped me.

Thank you so much!!!

Marilyn Rau


Hi Marilyn,

It's so good to hear that reading about Annette has helped you and your daughter deal with your daughter's MS. That is our wish, that those who come here will find something that will help them deal with this unrelenting disease.

So many times, people like your daughter find it hard to maintain a positive attitude. There are so many negative things that can happen from day to day. By reading the stories of others who have gone through the same things they have, they are able to develop a positive outlook that helps the bad days not seem so bad.

Hopefully someone who knows Annette will see this and let her know how much you and your daughter have been inspired and encouraged by her story. We here at Life in Spite of MS wish that you will continue to be encouraged by the stories of others who have MS, as well as Annette and her family.

Thank you so much for your gracious comment. And thank you as well for visiting We would love it if you would let others know about our site, so that they too, may be encouraged.

Thanks again,

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