Thank You!

Thank you for the interview. It helps a lot to hear words of courage and determination. I am 34 (male), and was diagnosed with MS in October 2007.

It's still so fresh in my mind, just like yesterday. I would love to find an MS group to chat with. Sometimes I feel so isolated and misunderstood.

This website is great!


You are very welcome and thank you for your comment. We are always glad to hear that our site helps those who have to deal with this disease.

Cir knows so well what it means to feel isolated and alone. We try to get out whenever he feels up to it, so he won't be "staring at the four walls" all day long.

He also recommends the chat room - People with MS. The people in the chat room are good people. Most of them have MS or a family member with MS. Someone there will be able to relate and understand what you are going through.

(Cir has taken a break from chatting for awhile, so you may not see him there, but most everyone knows him there as "Mo").

If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us again.

Thanks again,

Cir and Akrista

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