Thank you, Montel!

by Casey
(Dexter, NY AMERICA)

...You are a true inspiration to many of us. As for as whom will read this and respond I will thank you all.

Hello, my name is Casey Raines, I have MS! I was diagnosed when I was in college (20/21). I am from a small village in upstate NY called Brownville. I now live in Limerick, which is only but 6 minutes from Brownville.

Things have been awful terrible horrible lately. Most recently I have been getting hot and will sweat (feel like I may pass out). The hotness of my body is insane (every part of my body).

Then, roughly 10 minutes, I became as cold as ice. It was an insanely long 45 minutes. Would you, or you have any idea of what I am explaining? I welcome all feed back.
Thank you so much,
Casey Raines

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