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Thank You, Montel

by Julia Clark
(Seneca, PA, USA)

I previously used to tape your show everyday as I worked as a speech language pathologist. I went to college for 6 long years before discovering my 1st year of work that I had MS. I continued to work in nursing homes and at Easter Seal Society and finally a hospital before I had a severe relapse in 2000 and had to give up my job and go on disability.

This wounded my heart severely; now making so much less than I had been making at work. You know at first I hated God for awhile, not understand the whys? Then I heard you, Montel, have MS. Another professional, like I was; however, you were still working like I had those 8 years doing fine with my MS.

It made my heart swell to know and to see that. The first few years seemed a bit rocky, but now after 18 years of having MS and having raised my daughter, my MS road hasn't gone too bad at all. I can still walk, talk, and think. I pray every morning that God will help me through the day and bring fullness to my days as I feel hopeless a lot of the time. I have just now been walking a lot more with my cane for balance when I am out and about.

I just now want you to look deep inside yourself and give yourself a big hug and a lot of credit for all of the hearty work for MS and health that you do. Keep it up!!!!!! and GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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