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Stan's MS~Space

Welcome to Stan's Life in Spite of MS~Space!

Stan's MS~Space

Stan's Profile:

Name: Stan Croydon
Location: Ohio 
Year Dxed: 1975
How many years with MS: 40 years
Type of MS: 

A little about Stan:

I wasn't expecting to have my own MS web page!

I had one 15 or so years ago, one I called, "Laughing@Adversity!"  But whoever hosted that site stopped providing free pages and mine disappeared.

A lot of my information I posted from time to time on MYMSteam.com, or at least that was what it was called when I first started posting there a couple of years ago.

A shrink figured out I had MS in 1975 or 1976! I thought I was seeing him because I was beginning to question my sanity given all the weird symptoms none of my doctors could diagnose!  But when he heard me mention having recently seen an eye doctor for double vision and a neurologist for what he said was Belles Palsy, he realized both symptoms could come from MS and he called my neurologist and made another appointment for me to see him. But he didn't say he thought I had MS!

When I saw the neuro 3 days later all he said was that he thought I had a "mild demylinating disease" and to only make another appointment if I couldn't walk!

I didn't ask any questions because my mouth dropped open on hearing that and that night I couldn't spell what I came to call, "the damned D-word" and find it in our unabridged dictionary!

It was a month or two later that I did spell it the correct way using the Lexis caselaw text retrieval system at my job with the Justice Dept.! The first case with the word was about a Navy doctor seeking a disability retirement! I discovered I had a lot of his symptoms and then I reached the sentence that said he had a demylinating disease, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS!

That's a hell of a way to learn you have a chronic illness, one the MS Society said back then to get more donations to cure it, was "the crippler of young adults!"

I got started sending here by sending a message to the person who had written a book about their MS experiences and was curious as to how many books she sold!

In the last 25 years I have written over 50,000 words about my unusual life but have been unable to finish off the final chapter. I haven't gotten around to that because I was forced to retire 5 years ago when I had a boss who thought it was easier to fire me than talk to my Hopkins neurologist about accommodations that might help me!

While both the union attorney and I thought I'd eventually prevail in court, I'd have to go at least 6 months without any health insurance, insurance that would have picked up the monthly cost, about $10,000, of the new MS medication I was about to start. By retiring I got to keep my insurance!

That information is merely "the tip of my iceberg!"

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