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Relationships, Relationships, Relationships - Part 2

From the Mind of Cir

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The first person and the most important person to start a relationship with is yourself. That may sound funny to you, but you have to learn to be happy with who you are even though multiple sclerosis has caused changes to your body.

Your thoughts decide how you feel. And though there might be difficult moments because of MS flare-ups or feel bad days, realize that this body of yours wants you to help it to live by your thinking. Sounds corny, but it's true.

If you are already happy, continue to be happy with yourself. Because, as you well know, if you aren't satisfied with you, it's hard to relate to others.

Multiple sclerosis likes to make you feel stressed out. When you feel stressed out you feel ugly inside. You feel less desirable. And, as with anything else, you must feel good about who you are to accomplish any goal.

Help yourself feel good

You can help yourself to feel good by doing things like exercising or meditating. We will talk about these things in more detail in future articles. But I will touch on them briefly here. What these types of things do however, are help your self esteem.

You will begin to realize that this body you have is a wonderful machine. No matter who you are. No matter what kind of disability you have.


Meditation will also help you to realize that you are the master of your own body and mind. Meditation probably outweighs everything else, because it plants good seeds. And by doing this continually, it will help you to receive satisfactory results and aide in coping with this disease.

For instance, by putting happy and good thoughts in your mind in a rested position, or listening to soft music, you'll feel some easing of tension. And you will even have less anxiety in general.

This isn't to say that you should stop taking "happy pills" or anti-depressant medication from your doctor. I'm not claiming that you do that. Your doctor is so important to you. It is important to listen to your doctors. They're part of your health care team.

Everything I'm saying here is a part of practicing good habits. When you practice good habits, you let your body and mind know that you want to continue to live.


Let's take a quick look at exercising. Keeping in mind this is all to continue to help you feel better about yourself. Remember you are the first person I said that you will need to learn to relate to.

What's important, I think, for people with MS, is at least starting an exercise program. Stretching is very good. It's something you need to try and do everyday that you feel up to it. I would recommend doing it even when you don't feel like it. I try to do the following stretches everyday.

Most of these will depend on your present level of mobility. If you can, while sitting down with your legs hanging over the edge of the bed or chair, cross your legs like a man crosses his legs. Grab your foot and stretch your ankle back and forth. You or (if you can't) have someone else rub or stretch your feet.

This is something you can do while sitting watching TV. Feel your body stretch. Let your body know that you are not going to give up on it.

Leg pulls

Here's another stretch you can do while you are sitting down. But you may want to do this one while sitting back in bed. Bend your right knee up to your chest. Rap your arms around your leg and pull it up as close to your chest as you can. Hold it there for a count of 5 – 10. Then let it down gently. Do the exact same thing with your other leg.

It's essential that as you do these, that you put in your head that your legs are important. That you are actually giving power to them. Do this with both legs.

What's more important for you to realize is that these exercises will help you to again realize that this body is a magnificent machine. And at times, you have to tell it that. And you can. Why not? It's yours and it's alive.

Hamstring stretches

Another good stretch is the hamstring stretch. You will need to be able to stand for this version. If you can stand, stand with your hands about shoulders width apart against the wall. Now stretch your right leg out behind you. Keep your knee straight and your foot flat on the floor.

You should feel the stretch down the back of your leg. Hold for a count of 5 – 10. Repeat for the left leg.

Later, I will have pictures so you can see exactly how it's done. But let's not get off the original message. This whole thing is about you. Liking yourself. Feeling good about yourself the way you are right now.

You need to always realize that you were born from the precious seeds of greatness. Think of things like this, literally. And continue to meditate. Believe that you are bigger and more powerful than MS.

Next week

We'll talk more on this next week. I will see you then. And remember, I'm a fellow MSer like you, so stay safe and strong.

Remember to check back because I would like to tell you something that will make you feel good about yourself. And believe me, you're going to like what I'm going to tell you, so don't forget.

MINI UPDATE: It has been quite awhile since I've written and I've been thinking about my last post. I remembered that I'd left you waiting for something. Well here it is; something that I think will make you feel good about yourself.

You, just like everyone else, have the capacity to love. This is not speaking on the concept of love versus hate, but love versus fear. In other words, learning how to love your body rather than fear MS is an important process that will become a great benefit to you.

This is just a short thought for you to think about until I talk to you again. Until next time, stay safe and strong.

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