Poll of the Month Results

January's Poll of the Month Results

Here are last month's Poll of the Month results. The title of the poll was - Do You Have an Assistance Dog? Here are the answers to the questions we asked.

service dog

1 - Do you have an assistance dog? 
Yes - 50% 
No - 25% 
I'd Like one - 25%

2 - Was your dog professionally trained? 
Yes - 0% 
No - 100%

3 - Did you train your own dog? 
Yes - 75% 
No - 25%

4 - Is this your first assistance dog? 
Yes - 75% 
No - 25%

5 - How long have you had your dog? 
0-1 yr - 0% 
1-2 yrs - 50% 
2-5 yrs - 50% 
5-10 yrs - 0% 
10+ yrs - 0%

6 - For those of you who answered the last question, Would you like to share where you got your assistance do. 
a - Indiana Prison System 
b - She was adopted in Florida 

Were you itching to see the poll results? We certainly were. We couldn't resist putting the results on their own special page for all to see!

Well now that you've seen them, what do you think? Ready for the next poll? A one question poll this time. Click here to take the February 2012 Poll of the Month.

And if you've already taken the poll - thanks! Be sure and bookmark our site so you'll know when another poll is up and running. If you have a suggestion for a poll, use this form (scroll to the bottom) to send us the details.

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