Once an addict... Now I have MS - Learn from my experience

by Casey

I am now 30 years of age. I was very young not a bad kid-went on to college even on a full ride athletic scholarship. 8 years ago I came into a life of narcotic abuse. I turned to the suboxone program.

I maintained this program for close to 6 years-was first treated for the abuse-then my Doctor discharged me and I was very upset still having terrible pains. Mostly from athletic injury. So I went to another Dr and began pain management while working as an Occupational therapist Assist.

I had an incident which required MRIs. which is when I found I was suffering from MS - My Neuro wanted me off of Suboxone and put me on Methadone-She stated that the Suboxone would/could damage my Central Nervous System further.

However my Neuro could only manage my pain for 4 months and I had to begin seeing a pain specialist - after the Pain specialist doctor saw that I had been treated for addiction years ago he was very compassionate with me and said that he was sorry that since being in that treatment (he pulled up in a pharmaceutical history) he would not be able to give me anything to help with my pain as a grown responsible - respectable person - a Therapist even.

He understood I made bad choices in the past - but I am now going to have to pay for it for the rest of my life with not only the Neuropathy - Herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal cord compression, Spondylosis, deg. "arthritis" in both knees. MRI showed 7-8 lesions on my brain. Spinal tap positive for MS as well!

I am having an extremely hard time getting through some days - but this story is not to complain - it is to open eyes to those who may come across this as an aide to be sure of your path - of your doctors caring for you to be sure there is no serious condition behind your pains.

Do not abuse your meds you are currently on-only raising your tolerance-attempting to numb the depression-but will only make it worse. Learn from my experience-for I was once an addict that didn't know I had or would have MS

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Mar 19, 2013
by: Sarah b

I am not an addict but i have to pay the price of one. I was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago and because my husband's brother dies from a drug overdose and another brother almost died he is demanding I don't take anything because those drugs are not allowed in his house.

He has no idea the pain I live with every day and that I have tried many other drugs for years and nothing works. I'm angry that I have to pay the price for someone who has been a drug abuser and I have a real issue.

I am looking into trying acupuncture - maybe that will help or I have heard hypnosis. There are also stories of holistic type meds. Good luck to you and your journey. It's a long one that we must walk but remember that we are not walking alone. ~~~

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