Never Know What's Around the Corner

by Dennis Szczepanski
(Gobles, Michigan)

Long ago when I was 18 and in love with a beautiful girl whose name was Marie, we often talked about how much she looked like Annette's twin. Well that was some 40 years ago. And for those 40 years her and I hadn't seen each other until just recently.

Our meeting up again was a thrill-in-a-half to say the least. She informed me that she also has MS. I, of course, had my heart go out to her. I have now seen her several times since meeting up again and seen how much pain and medication she endures.

But yet I have seen her with the same smile, enthusiasm, and determination, that has always made her a special person. I guess my main point is, that no matter how rough the problems are with MS it can change some things, but not the real you.

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