My Second Deployment...

by Amanda Horton
(Schweinfurt, Germany, US Army Wife)

...And It Isn't Iraq!

I thought leaving my daughter for a year in Iraq in the US Army was tough but after being diagnosed four months after my honorable discharge has been the real battle. My second relapse had me ready to be put down. I went from a physically fit independent soldier and mother to a helpless woman in a power chair.

I was about ready to surrender to this disease when i saw the fear in my daughter's eyes. My husband was deployed, I had no close family near where I lived and I was in college. I had only one question and that was wondering how I could overcome this.

I served in a war and came home no worse for wear so I was not going to let this defeat me. After six months, I was out of the chair and determined not to use a cane. I had overcome this relapse and felt so much pride and joy. Yes, I had lost my independence but that made me more determined to regain it back.

I am not always positive and have my good and bad days just like everyone else but I cannot use this illness as a crutch. My husband and daughter and the rest of my family and friends are my biggest supporters. When they are scared for me, I tell them not to be. This is just a speed bump in my life and it will pass till the next one comes along.

Sometimes we have to take certain speed bumps slower then others but they will also pass. I graduated with honors with my associates in science throughout all this and now have almost completed my bachelors in science with a GPA above a 3.5 throughout these relapses.

I don't want to be admired for what I have achieved so far but I want others to know that they can also get past the speed bumps of this disease. My name is Amanda and MS does not have me, I have MS!

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