My MS Challenge

by Kim Williams
(Capitol Heights, MD)

Hi Montel!

My name is Kim Williams and I live in Capitol Heights, Maryland. I wanted to share with you that I was also diagnosed with MS the same date you were and how ironic we share the same birth date.

Living with MS has been very challenging and depressing; I was blessed a year ago to find a mate that does not judge me and supports me fully, excepting me for me. I know at times I wear him down but he stays in it and holds strong; he is very supportive.

I am currently fighting Social Security to receive permanent disability since being hit by a bus while driving from my home and since then I often get seizures and spasms. I, along with my husband, have being searching for natural sources to help me with my condition. At times my left side gives out and I can only do so much before tiring out but I am trusting in God to deliver me and make a way.

I continue to take the medications prescribed but there has to be another way or an alternative so that we don't become too dependent on them. I look forward to hearing back from you soon on what you have done to keep your self going.

Thank you!


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