My birthday present

by Katie
(Melbourne , Australia)

I was diagnosed on the 24th of December 2010 being my birthday. I has so angry! Why did I have to find out on my birthday, that was my thought then but two years on it was really the best birthday present ever. Let me explain why.

I completely lost my eye site in both eyes so I was blind for 2 weeks and it was the most terrifying 2 weeks of my life. I was adament that I had a brain tumor so when I found out I had MS, I was so relieved. When people ask me questions about my MS I find myself constantly saying pls don't feel sorry for me, I'm blessed that I have MS and not something worse. I'm only 28 yrs old with 2 young boys and I'm not about to let MS beat me anytime soon or ever for that matter! I love my life too much to give in :)

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