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My Alternative MS Fix

by Lorna
(Collingwood, Ontario)

Learned many things over the past 25yrs to keep my RRMS in remission (10yrs now). Some great symptom improvements as well... (able to walk again with my cane after years in a chair, muscle spasms gone & bladder now behaves normally.) Absolutely no pain.

This with a condition which normally does nothing but progress.

Recently saw a PSW (Personal Support Worker**) from years ago & she stood with her mouth & eyes wide open, when she saw me walk down the stairs. She remembers when she had to assist me to get out of bed & I had the beginning of bedsores.

I say that I am winning! My document should be only 2-3 pages when complete & may include some healthy recipes using vegetables, because they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Have never done steroids & the only med that I use for MS costs less than $20.00 per month.

I am currently working on a document which details my complete program, from diet, nutrients, as well as exercise.

Would love to write a book, but this will be easier & take much less time. This program works very well & as I said the drug cost is so very low. I hope that maybe I will be able to share what I have learned with others who have this condition which lasts such a long, long time.

Write to me.

**A Personal Support Worker (PSW) is a Canadian health worker that provides care to those that are not fully able to care for themselves. This includes seniors, individuals with physical disabilities, and individuals with mental disabilities, amongst others.

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Jan 10, 2015
to alternative fix
by: Gscarry

I have ms for 25 years - 20 of it secondary progressive. I have never taken any of the meds. I also changed my diet and slowed it way down so would be very interested in your info!

Feb 28, 2010
Join The Link II
by: Akrista

One way to contact people is to join The Link, which is our forum. There you can make a group for your "Alternative MS Fix". Members can join your group and you can also talk to other members through private messages, as well as on their page.

Here is the link - The Link II (opens a new window) - if the actual link doesn't show up, just copy and paste it into you browser. You would need to join and be accepted, which Cir or I will do as soon as we get the email.

That way you can talk about your document to any of our members and you can have others join who are not already members. You will have a ready audience by the time your document is completed and ready to go.

And yes, you can have people pay by PayPal. I don't think that is an option on our site (The Link), but if you had a small website or blog, I think you could add a "Pay Now" button to one of those.

If you have any other questions, let me know. Anything that helps MSers good in my book.


Feb 28, 2010
How Wonderful!
by: Jane D.

Wow! It sure does sound like you've got a lot going for you. I'd love to read your document when it's prepared. I've had pretty benign MS for 37 years, but it's started to get a lot worse walking wise when I had prolonged infection last year. I definitely could use some new tricks. Will you contact me, please? With a lot of interest, Jane

Feb 27, 2010
by: Lynne

Is your well being basically attributed to a diet?

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