MS in Black America...What is this Pill?

by Jessica
(Baton Rouge)



Hi Montel,

I am an African American 30yr that was diagnosed with MS in 2008. I can remember as if it were yesterday. It began with me being at work feeling dizzy. I went to the hospital and was DX with Vertigo. Then I had the dizziness again. I went to a ENT and passed the balance test. But she suggested that I get a MRI just to make sure. MRI was done, I was give the DX at 10:28AM, walked to my car and didn't leave the parking lot until 1:00AM the next morning. I don't regret having MS. In fact, I embrace it and educate others about it! I am also thankful to God that I am in a world where there is medicine offered for MS patients.

Anyways, my question to you is how do you feel about the pill that may be offered to MS patients. This pill is suppose to prevent us from having to take our injections. Have the studies on this pill proved better results?
God Bless you and all that you have done and continue to do for ALL people.

Baton Rouge, LA

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