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MS Fundraising Event

by Dayna DiDomenico
(Boca Raton FL)

Hosted by College Student

I am writing to hopefully have your assistance in this event being it has affected you greatly as well. Personally it has affected me and my fiance for his father, his father's sister, as well as his grandmother on his mothers side have all been affected by this disease. My Uncle also has ALS which is similar to the disease as well.

On Sunday, Novemeber 4, 2012, Dayna DiDomenico will be hosting a fundraising event on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to help promote awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We are creating an event that not only promotes awareness but advocates for those affected by the disease as well. Some do not realize that patients are not the only ones affected by MS, as the disease can also influence families, friends, and the community as a whole.

Any and all contributions that are made will go to the MS Foundation to assist in any medical or supportive needs for those affected by this disease, so we can become a voice for those who cannot speak out on their own behalf. A two-hour cocktail-hour event with hors d’oeuvres, light entertainment, as well as guest speaker who will speak on behalf of those with the disease will accompany a raffle for guests that choose to attend and contribute to this extremely worthy cause. Let this be a chance to advocate for those we love as well as those who may not have someone to advocate for them.

Background on Multiple Sclerosis:
MS is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that is thought to be an autoimmune disorder. Symptoms of the disease vary from person to person but more often than not MS can lead to blurred vision, problems with memory and concentration, loss of balance, poor coordination, fatigue, and paralysis. In rare cases MS can be fatal.

It is an unbiased disease that affects approximately 2.1 Million people worldwide. The majority of people diagnosed with this debilitating disease are between the ages of 20 and 50 years old. MS knows no limits however, as research shows that MS can strike as early as two, or as late as seventy-five. MS is truly a disease that can have affects on everyone.

Project Description:
I am planning a two hour cocktail event featuring hors d’oeuvres, and a raffle. One of our raffle prizes is a guest speaker who will speak on behalf of those affected by
the disease and what is being done to find a cure. The MS foundation will provide information on their organization and what we as individuals can do to help.

The mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is to provide nationally accessible programs and support services to those persons affected by MS to help them maintain their health, safety, self-sufficiency, and personal well being; and to heighten public awareness of multiple sclerosis and promote understanding for those diagnosed with the illness. The foundation is working diligently to not only conquer this disease but to assist those who continue to be affected by it.

Anyone affected by this debilitating disease. We welcome, and encourage, any family and friends wishing to show their endless support for their loved ones. It is important to raise awareness to both younger and older groups because this disease is not prejudice according to age, race, gender, or religion. As a English Major student at Florida Atlantic University, I was asked for one of my classes to create an advocacy event for a cause that I am passionate about.

I chose MS because I see firsthand its affect on those that are dear to me and I believe not enough college students are aware that this is a disease that targets them as well. My peers look up to a number of public figures whose lives were changed because of MS.

Some of these people include: Ann Romney(Wife of Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney), Montel Williams, Richard Cohen (husband of Journalist wife Meredith Viera), Richard Pryor, Tamia Hill (wife of NBA player Grant Hill), Alan and David Osmond, First Lady Michelle Obama’s father, and recently diagnosed Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzy Osbourne). It is in societies best interest to raise awareness of causes like these so we can advocate for change and awareness in order to make a difference in the community and in the lives of our loved ones.

Project Budget:

I am asking for any contributions from businesses so we can guarantee attractive raffle at the event. Those who attend the benefit will be asked to donate a suggested amount of $25.00 at the door in exchange for a raffle ticket for their entry into the raffle drawing. Any and all additional donations towards this benefit will be greatly appreciated. All items or donations are tax-deductible if made out to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation or MSF.

Please contact Dayna DiDomenico at 561-866-3441 or ddidomen@fau.edu

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