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MS Dropout

by Anonymous

My ms story started very early in my childhood. I always knew there was something wrong with my health, even when no one believed me. The headaches I experienced at 5, along with balance problems, it only got worse with time. Because I was a neglected and abused child, nobody wanted to believe I was also a sick one, so by the time I turned 16, I stopped believing it myself.

One day out of the blue, I couldn't lift my arms up anymore, or even make a fist. When I would walk across a room, I would look drunk because I couldn't walk or see clear anymore. I still wasn't taken to the doctor. I had to drop out. But I decided to keep it to myself why and so after the school year was over I got my documents and left to go home and try to recover.

But the school didn't worry about my privacy so when other kids would ask, the teachers would gossip with them and say I "quit my education". This escalated quickly and it didn't take long before they started posting stuff on the internet about it. It was a small town I went to and from now on, where ever I went the dirty looks would follow.

I got stalked. Threatened. People that had seen the rumored posts would make scenes in public bashing me and making me look like a deadbeat villian. I am in somewhat better shape now then I was when I decided to take a break from school. So I decided to get my diploma at a new school but the rumors followed, and the teachers sabotaged me.

My dream of a diploma has died and any social event I try to appear at has people trying to take photos of me and turning the room against me. This all would be fine if I had parents to turn to, but those junky-alcoholic psychopaths can't ever be called that.

I keep wondering if I will ever get to the point where I need to be taken care of, will I go to the state or will one of the alcoholics actually get the guardianship. I must say, with all the will I have and persistance for a good, healthy and normal life; this society has made sure MINE is nothing but a miserable one.


(Feel free to offer advice below)

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Nov 15, 2018

by: Akrista

Hi Anon,

I'm so happy you felt comfortable enough to share your story with us, and equally sad that it has been a difficult one. I admire your courage to keep going even in the face of adversity. I hope that you will find someone (or more) who will be supportive and help you to get through this.

Multiple sclerosis is bad enough, without having to deal with it alone. And when you have multiple problems, that makes it even more important to have a support group.

One piece of advice I might offer is to contact your local National MS Society (NMSS) - https://www.nationalmssociety.org/ - They have people there - Navigators, I think they're called - who can talk to you and maybe that will be enough for now, or at least one step in the direction of getting some type of support, even if it's just someone to listen.

Please feel free to continue to share here by adding a comment to your post. We'd love to know if your situation changes or gets better. So sorry that you are in a place where so many do not understand what it means to have MS.

BTW - Have you ever tried explaining why you had to leave school? I'm not sure if that would help.

Take care, be safe, and be careful.

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