MS diagnosed JAN.2012

by Anna A
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

Horrors, I got Speech (garbled voice), Vision (eyes went out of focus especially when tired) and Balance (felt like I was going to fall all the time), got sent for an MRI and diagnosed with MS!

After many prayers and much research I found and started the 'Blood Type/Geno Type' Diet, and blow me down but I started to feel more stable from the second day! On the doc's site are also 'Health Protocols' - (programs) which I'm following for the recommended time.

Speech is getting clearer, eyes haven't gone out of focus, and I definitely feel MUCH more Balanced except they can deteriorate when I get tired, but I am lasting longer without feeling this. Can even jump on my mini-trampoline without having to hold onto the nearby wall.

Am on NO drugs, just the right diet and herbs and vitamins. Am keeping it up and prayers & fingers crossed, that Naturopathic doctor D'Adamo is a lifesaver. is the website.

I had really thought I was going to die soon! Now I have HOPE! Good luck to all who have this, MS is no joke.

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Jul 06, 2014
Blood Type and Candida diets..
by: Anna A

The Blood Type diet in conjunction with the Candida diet really work. Make sure that the Air is clean at your house too. I appear to have bad vocs at MY home, I Searched, and some can give neurological issues, like MS.

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