MS Changes Life's Plans

by Cindy
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

By the time I was diagnosed, they looked back over time and feel that I probably had MS for about 10 years. I was diagnosed at age 40. Many times I feel robbed of my dreams and plans for our lives (my husband and me) and I fight back tears feeling the burden on him.

My MS has impacted me more in Memory, Executive Functioning, Reasoning, Processing. I do have balance and weakness issues, but if you were to look at me, you would not think I had this struggle. That's what is hard, trying to do what I always did, physically but more so mentally. I get overloaded easily and need to go to bed to take a break.

I need to plan things differently. Before, during and after an outing or event. This helps me enjoy my time much better.

Tools like using my cell phone calculator rather than get frustrated when shopping.

Developing new hobbies that can be picked up and put down for when I am able. I have changed the sports I loved (Downhill Skiing, Skating, White water Canoeing) to hobbies such as Beading and Stained Glass.

My advice to anyone who has MS or recently diagnosed is to take stock in all the plusses and things you can do in life, and instead of lamenting on what we can't do anymore, find new activities and interests that we can. For now. This space in time. That helps too. I don't want to build into our life things that may end up being losses down the road.

MS does change life's plans. But we can change our plans despite having MS.

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