MS Care

by Jane D.
(Southern Indiana)

It's so hard to think of Annette needing total care! I suppose we are so disheartened because she's fallen so far. It seems more disastrous to go from the vibrant, wonderful personality Annette was to her current predicament. It's the same with any person with MS when (if) they deteriorate. She's one MS casualty; there are more, but most MSers do pretty well.

One point that needs to be made. The more dependent we are on our spouses, the more gratitude and love we have because of their care. After 37 good years with MS, I'm currently having more problems and needing more help from my dear husband.

I'm so grateful he's so attentive and concerned about my safety and well-being! Our relationship has actually deepened with my increased need. I'm seeing a beautiful side of him I'm not acquainted with. It's precious and I cherish it, just as he is showing how he cherishes me.

We'll make it somehow no matter how bad things get because we have so much love. I hope that's the case with Annette too. A shared smile for them might be a day at the beach for us. I hope so.

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