"MS Awareness"

by Akrista and MSSilverLining

This week - March 14 - 20 - is MS Awareness Week. There's still time to join us and get the word out. The National MS Society is asking everyone to share what MS = to you and find out what it means to others.

You can also sign up for the MS Walk or Bike Race coming in April. You, along with your family, friends, and neighbors, can be a part of this movement to end MS for good.

There are many more opportunities to become involved this year. Check out the NMSS's website to see what you can do. And if you can't be involved, share the link with someone who can.

Together we can help to put an end to this disease that effects so many.

And here's a video to raise MS Awareness. Song is by 3 Doors Down. Great video by MSSilverLining (YouTube id)!

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