Life Can Be Simple

by Lisa Ray
(Kingsport, TN USA)

To show that living with Multiple Sclerosis can be simple when we find our way of living with it. I love my family, and know that without their PUSH I could not do any of what I post on here.

I do have a good support team, and that matters. So I do hope that you will enjoy my blog. And any comments are more than welcome. Along my way I hope to learn more. We are never too old to learn. We just have to have that want to, and I hope I always will.

Hi Lisa,

Is this your blog? and if so, you can provide a website for visitors to copy and paste into their browsers. If you would like your own blog/space here on our site, go here to the Life in Spite of MS Space to request your own page.

I also love your attitude. That is the best type of attitude to have when dealing with a chronic disease like multiple sclerosis. I know most people don't start out that way, but if you can eventually get there, all the better.

You can either contact me here or add a comment below to update your listing. We'd love to know how to find your blog.

Take care,


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