Montel, my daughter has MS and she's doing OK. I'm trying to keep up with the alternatives you have found for better health. You were on DR OZ show today (07/24/12)

I would like to have the information discussed today from that show sent to my e-mail. I liked the alternatives that you're using. I had to go to work and I didn't get all the information. Please send it to my e-mail
(email removed)


Unfortunately, this is not Montel's website as stated at the beginning of this page, so unless he sees this message (or someone close to him), our best advice is to go directly to the Dr Oz Show by way of the website (will open in a new window).

This link will take you to Dr. Oz's Show and specifically to the page that talks about Montel Williams' Fountain of Youth as described that day. From what I can see (I didn't happen to watch them), there are videos as well.

Hope this helps. There should also be a way of contacting the show if you'd like to get in touch with someone there about your original question. You can leave your email with them.

Take care and be safe,


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