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I have MS and I'm Scared

by Alexis Mitchell
(Buffalo, New York)

I was diagnosed about 2 years ago. I was put on Copaxone, but it seems every time I inject I start having relapses and I get sick. When I stop injecting I feel better. I stopped injecting and now I am able to walk in high heels; something I have not been able to do in a long time.

Montel, to be frank, I am really scared. I am scared to take the therapy and scared not to. I work every day and it is starting to be a challenge. My husband is on disability from a back injury on his job and I am 60 this year. I can't retire, nor do I really want to, but I have to take time off periodically and finally I was written off for calling off so much.

I really don't know why I am writing to you. I guess I just wanted someone who understands this illness to talk to. I wake up all night and can't sleep. I am tired when I get to work. I am just a total mess. Can I offer some inspiration. I talk to God all the time. I have had a life time of losses. Now I am about to face my own self lost.
Thank you for reading this and listening to me.
God bless you and keep you. Please pray for me.

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Nov 18, 2010
Hello Alexis
by: Rosanne

Hello Alexis, my name is Rosanne. I've had MS 24 years now and I'm not less scared of it now than when I was first diagnosed. All I can share with you is a verse from Matthew 6:34..."Let each day's troubles suffice...". Take it one day at a time.

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