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Happy St Patrick's Day! Free stuff!

Happy St Patrick's Day! I know I'm not Irish, but you may be. Have a wonderful day and here are a couple of freebies. Your children may enjoy these St. Patty's Day Fun Coloring pages.

Click on the image below to download and print the coloring pages. You can save it to your computer and share it with your friends.

And here's a little history of St. Patrick's Day. You'll find out about:

  • St. Patrick
  • Shamrocks
  • Leprechauns
  • The Blarney Stone
  • Why people wear green and orange
  • Green beer
  • St. Patty's Day recipes and more!

So have a Happy St Patrick's Day - Enjoy!

Click on the image above to download and save it to your computer. And you are free to share it with your family and friends! That way, we'll all have the "Luck o' the Irish" as they say!

And, as with any holiday celebration, be sure to conserve your energy, especially if you plan to go out. Pace yourself so that you can better enjoy the day in your emerald finery. [*grin*] Also, don't imbibe to much, if you can help it. Enjoy yourself, in moderation.

Remember to Delegate

I'm not versed in all the traditions of the Irish when it comes to St Patty's Day, so please forgive me. Most holidays, however, have some type of feast to share with those close to you. As we suggest with any celebration, you, as an MSer, need to learn how to delegate. 

If you're normally the one to prepare the special meals, plan this year to get help from family and friends. Or maybe do a potluck instead. That way you are only responsible for one dish. You can even order something from the deli, if energy and time are in short supply.

Plan Ahead

If I'm doing something special, I try to plan ahead. This is especially true when you have MS. And I'm not talking about months in advance. You can do that if you want, however, my suggestion is to plan ahead, maybe a few days, depending on how you feel.

If you're feeling fatigued 2 or 3 days before that special day, maybe spend those days resting up. This seems to help Cir. After the celebration you may need to rest up again, but at least you were able to enjoy most, if not all, of the day.

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